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Shoot with natural light

Shooting with natural light has always been. one of my favourite ways of modelling as it creates a beautiful soft wrap around light.

These shots by Mark Goddard are an example.

A range of styles by Angel White Model

This just shows the versatility of some photographers. I worked with a photographer who goes by the alias "cutter, getty artist" and we produced very natural beauty portraits teamed with super composites. 

Magical composites by Angel White Model

I was lucky enough to work with Carlos Rania, an incredible photographer up in Preston. It was a biting cold day and he drove us to some lush remote locations, overlooking stunning rolling hills fading into the distance.

He takes some quality photos and photoshops them to create some dynamic and 3D effects. Here are some results.

angel white model girl brighton preston modelling photographer magical

A day out in Liverpool by Angel white model

I ventured off to Liverpool in March to shoot with Andrew Harrison and an incredible hairstylist Regina (klushhairstylist)

She used her top skills to create some wonderful effects on the hair