WELLE Super elixir 

Currently I am on a bit of a clense and i did some research into heathly living and stumbled upon this "welle super elixir". As a model your skin and health is paramount.

So it's day three and the most prominant change I've noticed from taking this product is the amount of energy it gives me! Its really incredible. It definitely has made my complextion more "even" as well.

angel white model brighton blonde girl

The rawness of film

I love working with film as a model. The results are always so raw, so intrinsic to the person.

Here are some cool shots by David Granger capturing the rawness of film at the beautitful "little chelsea gallery" situated in Eastbourne. It has awonderful derelict textured top room. It's lik a magic room where the light melts over the skin perfectly contrasting with textured backdrops.

Here are the images by David Grainger.


I had a shoot booked with a model/photographer "Lizzie Stanton" 

Unfortunately the makeup artist cancelled on the day, so I had to fill in for her, enterpreting Lizzie's vision.

In the modelling world, things don't always go to plan. The weather can be a horrific downpour on a outdoor shoot, it's too cold to shoot, someone vital cancels, but improvisation is the key.

She wanted to create some etherial beauty shots, and this is what we came up with as a team. She used a ringlight to create the stark and bright beauty effects.

blonde model brighton girl woman angel white model
angel white model brighton blonde

Barcelona, October 2018

I went to Barcelona with a few friends of mine, Natasha Kalashnakova and Niel.

We had a stunning apartment in the heart of it which we used for some shots.

For example this one, with a photographer "whitebcn" was created in the apartment, where we used some beautiful natural light.

These shots where created by "Roman Bassols" using a ringlight in a studio (a) and a huge softbox to the side, to create the cool shadow. I played around with shapes to get a nice shadowed pose. He was my first shoot in Barcelona! It poured down with terrential rain in the morning,so running outside was crazy, it was the most intense rain I have ever experienced in my life. I later discovered it was on the news for flooding all the underground! Crazy.

Another incredibly fun shoot was with "Dan Talson". He partners with his wife, Imma and they create super fun videos! It was a unique experience, sitting in the middle of a brightly lit square and creating movements which would make interesting videos. They had me dressed up like a robot, glitter queen, skull and many more amazing quirky things. Heres a little screenshot of a heart they created out of my lips.

I did a workshop too, to create some cool boudoir and fashion sets at "studio central" run by Oscar.

Here are some images from his students.

angel white model boux avenue
angel white model  h and m
angel white model studio


Ollie Flux and I shot at Tichbourne gallery and created some fabulous shots just using the hallway filled with beautiful feathered natural light!

We shot a mix of edgy fashion, boudoir and sporty.

a magical shoot in Hove

Nicole Rayner, a fabulous model booked a venue for "Seductive Glamour" a London based photographer which had a stunning interior.

We shot all day in it and produced some magical shots in it, including ballet style portraits, boudoir and etherial portraits.

He also produced a high quality video.

The left was using just the ambient light of the room and was the first shot of the day

The right was using the ambient light of a breathtaking chandelier situated in the lounge.

angel white model brighton girl


Due to my Gym membership not working out anymore, I have recently decided to get more into yoga.

I did the most incredible retreat at "Island Yoga" in Kao Yao Noi

I arrived slightly nervous as I had never experienced anything like this, especially not alone. When I arrived to the island, all my worries and stress melted away, it was my favourite island so far. It was so peaceful, so far away from Western culture and I instantly fell in love with it. There were endless expanses of lush greenery  everywhere with exotic trees and I couldn't help but smile.

The resort was an even better experience! It was all made out of wood and had such a rustic feel to it. I was greeted by the kind staff and they offered me ice tea upon arrival, which was delicious! I instantly felt at peace. I even got to practice my poor Thai with one of the women that worked there, which she politely said wasn't bad, lol.

My first session was with Dimitri. His practice was about breathing and maintaining a flat back. Its incredible how many people hunch over when doing yoga but maintaining a flat back is so important during it.

He had a fantastic "relaxation" during this session and used Sandalwood, a beautiful and calming scent.

He used gongs during the session to clense the energy and it was incredible.

He hosts a Chakra Gong Sound workshop which was incredible. It went through all the different vocal sounds relating to each chakra.

My pewrsonal most powerful ones were the communcation and self expression (blue) and the heart (green)

I felt so connected to my third eye chakra at one point, imagining being a higher being, filled with so much wisdom and knowledge.

The gong exercise at the end was pretty amazing too, it gave me tingling all over and a body high. 

In the morning i woke for the Tai Chi. It was early and i felt disgruntled and tired. However, as soon as I saw the rising sun it was so worth getting up. The islands were dimly lit pale blue, with the glowing clouds pink in the distance on the beach.

The Tai Chi was spectacular. We went through simple flowing movements and finished with Qi Gong.

The yoga in the morning was equally as beautiful, I tried the "advanced class". The retreat has a local cow nearby and it kept joining in with a "moo" for our meditation which the class was in hysterics for.

We started with a slow meditation and "Ohm" which. transcended into a fast pased yoga session which left me sweating!

David, the teacher incorportated Qi Gong into his classes. He likes to do Uji breath halfway through the class because he believes it energies you more than if you do it at the end.

After breakfast I met some wonderful girls, and we ventured off for an adventure between our yoga sessions to find the "sixth sense beach"/

We travelled down the road and then came to the rockiest looking path. As google maps indicated, we took it and it was a terrifying and dangerous one to take, with rocks jagged everywhere and so many bumps. The beach was incredibly disappointing as the tide was in.

This particular island has such extremes of tides, they go up to a mile out to really far in.

angel white model yoga