I am situated in a small rural town called Worthing with urban areas to shoot at, including beautiful parks and a beach ten minutes down the road. I am a very enthusiastic model and it is one of my many passions. I love being in front of the camera. I consider myself a fun, energetic and positive person. I am also reliable and put 100% effort into any shoot I do. I also take direction well and am open minded to ideas or concepts that you may like to create. Producing beautiful images is something I love to do and I am also an artist so have an eye for photography myself. I believe that good rapport between a photographer and a model is almost essential in creating good shots so I am always happy to chat and get to know you and have fun through the shoot whilst maintaining a professional attitude.


I am versatile, flexible and can demonstrate a wide range of looks. I have over 250 references and have been published in a few magazines. I am aware how to use my facial expressions, form and hands to create the right mood and feel for the images you want to create as a photographer. I have worked with professional photographers and amateurs and am happy to help and guide you if you are new to this visual art form. I am also very willing to contribute ideas and add my own creative thoughts to the shoot. I think the key to producing good images is to make sure you get into the character of what you are modelling which is something I do well. I always turn up to shoots well prepared with everything that is required of me and wear my make up and hair to a high standard. I have a full wardrobe of clothes so please message or ask me anything you'd like me to bring. I also have no problem purchasing items specifically for the shoot you are after as it's in my best interest to deliver the best photos possible.