Tours and studio days!

August 13th August Studio day, henfield

August 20-27 Holland with daisy Bright FULLY BOOKED

September 17th-21st, gothenburg sweden, FULLY BOOKED

October 8th-12th Barcelona with natasha Kalashnikova, message for bookings.

Hey there! My name is Angel!  I'm a model based in Brighton, a stunning seaside city with an abundance of awesome places to shoot at.

I am an extremely positive and energetic person on shoots, I love to bring a fun and professional attitude to every shoot I do!

I love working on location, being out in nature, so don't be afraid to ask

Duos: I love working with both male and female models Smile

Experience: I have been modelling for 6 years and have highly enjoyed it throughout the journey. I am versatile, expressive and flexible and can demonstrate a wide range of looks. I have over 650 references and have been published in a few magazines.

I can:

Portray a wide range of expressions

Use my hands and body to pose with ease

Pose without direction

provide you with 100s of different poses

Contribute a tonne of creative ideas

Bring a wide range of outfits for shoots


Use my flexibility to create a vast range of dynamic poses

I always turn up to shoots well prepared with all the clothes/shoes and accessories that are required of me and wear my make up and hair to a high standard. I can do a wide range of professional make up looks so don't be afraid to ask!

I have a full wardrobe of clothes so please message or ask me anything you'd like me to bring. I also have no problem purchasing items specifically for the shoot you are after as it's in my best interest to deliver the best photos possible.

Hair: My hair can be incredibly versatile, curly, straight, wavy, up, down, big, sleek and many more.

Clothes I have

Vintage lingerie


High fashion garments


Casual wear

Fur coats

Wide selection of shoes and jewellery

Bridal dresses

Summer dresses

cocktail dresses

Quirky outfits


I have past shoulder length light blonde hair

large green/blue eyes

full lips

I can provide a versatile range of looks from girl next door, punky rock chic with attitude, glamorous beauty, girly, goddess, sexy boudoir, abstract, forlorn, innocent, mature, quirky, simplistic, beautiful, ugly, emotive, plain and many more.

Make up and beauty: I am experienced with using make-up to create an abundance of different looks to convey a verity of moods, characters and help enhance the quality of the photos. I can do as many different make-up changes as needed on the shoot so don't be afraid to ask. I have a range of eye-shadow palletes from nude and natural to glittery and colourful so if you require a particular look, as complex as you deem it to be, I will oblige to create it. I LOVE getting creative with my make up and styling on shoots.

I believe it is important to pay attention to the most minuscule of details on shoots, such as styling, make-up and the overall look of the images to create quality images.

Travel: I have a 16-25 railcard and travel by train. I am happy to travel to you so don't be afraid to ask. I also have a valid passport so am happy going abroad for shoots. I will expect contribution to travelling if I am coming specifically to shoot with you for a day.

Glamour: I don't do glamour work in the style of nuts and zoo, so please do not ask!

Nudity: Art nude is an beautiful genre, which I am happy to work in. I believe my nude work is emotive, expressive and shows female beauty through curves and shapes.

I have an extremely vast range of art nude poses, am flexible and am open to suggestions and ideas. Smile

I am happy to work to fine art nude level but not topless on its own, say with lingerie or jeans. This to me is a glamour style. If I am working nude it's about shape and form and not looking sexy. I am not comfortable working in sexy nude poses, sorry.

This is important

Photographers I work with regularly may ignore this note.

If you would like to do a nude shoot, I will need you to discuss exactly what it is you are trying to achieve using the female form with me prior to the shoot. I am not comfortable working nude unless it is discussed previously to the booking. I will only do art nude. Unfortunately this means if doing topless photos, it has to convey something which is tasteful as well and not just for the sake of it.

I will not do any adult work of any sort. Any images taken of me which show explicit content showing genitalia must be deleted or cropped. If I see any images uploaded of me anywhere showing this sort of content you will be reported and further action may be taken. If you do not accept this term then we cannot work together.

Sorry for all the boring bits but it has to be said, that aside I promise I am a nice person!